Standards Related Acronyms and National Body Contacts
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International Standards Bodies

Standards Developing Organizations Influencing Organizations Treaties 
* ISO - International Organization for Standards 
* IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission 
* ITU - International Telecommunications Union 
* JTC1 - ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee I (Information Technology) 
* JTC1 website maintained by ANSI 

Global organizations directly impinging on the standards making community:
*WTO - World Trade Organization
*WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization
*GATT - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 
*NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement 

National Standards Bodies

Each country has its own National Standards Body responsible for developing its country's national position to be represented at the international level. Not all of them have a Standards Web Page associated with them, however, most of their mailing addresses can be found on the ISO web page. The following list of National Standards Bodies will link to their home page (if they have one) or to their mailing address maintained by ISO. Those with a mailing address only are indicated by an *.  

Note: These things change all the time. If one becomes invalid please notify me. Another list is maintained by the ASME

Albania * DPS
Algeria * IANOR
Argentina IRAM
Armenia * SARM
Australia SAI
Austria ON
Bangladesh * BSTI
Barbados * BNSI
Belarus * BELST
Belgium * IBN/CEB
Bosnia and Herzegovina BASMP
Botswana * BOBS
Brazil ABNT
Bulgaria * BDS
Canada SCC
Chile * INN
Colombia ICONTEC
Costa Rica INTECO
Croatia DZNM
Cuba * NC
Cyprus * CYS
Czech Republic CSNI
Denmark DS
Ecuador INEN
Egypt EOS
Ethiopia * QSAE
Finland SFS
France AFNOR
Germany DIN
Ghana * GSB
Greece ELOT
Hungary MSZT
Iceland STRI
India BIS
Indonesia BSN
Iran, Islamic Republic * ISIRI
Ireland NSAI
Israel SII
Italy UNI (English or Italian)
Jamaica JBS
Japan JISC (also see EIAJ)
Kazakhstan * KAZMEMST
Kenya KEBS
Korea, North * CSK
Korea, South KATS
Kuwait *  KOWSMD
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya * LNCSM
Luxembourg SEE
Malaysia DSM (also see SIRIM)
Mauritius * MSB
Mexico * DGN
Mongolia * MNCSM
Morocco SNIMA
Netherlands NEN
New Zealand SNZ
Nigeria * SON
Norway NSF/NEK
Pakistan * PSI
Phillipines BPS
Poland * PKN
Portugal IPQ
Romania * ASRO
Russian Federation GOST-R
Saudi Arabia * SASO
Singapore PSB
Slovakia SUTN
Slovenia SMIS
South Africa SABS
Sri Lanka SLSI
Sweden SIS/SEK
Switzerland SNV/CES
Syrian Arab Republic * SASMO
Tanzania * TBS
Thailand TISI
Republic of Macedonia * ZSM
Trinidad/Tobago TTBS
Tunisia * INNORPI
Turkey TSE
Ukraine * DSTU
United States ANSI
Uruguay UNIT
Uzbekistan UZGOST
Vietnam * TCVN
Yugoslavia * SZS
Zimbabwe *SAZ